August 1st 2019 Utah! White Water Rafting

Interpreter White Water Rafting


We will be hiking to Arches National Park and to Dead Horse Point.

White Water Rafting

We will do a day trip down the Colorado River

Rock Climbing

We will take a day and do some beginning rock climbing.


We will take a day and see some sites jeeping.

Your Guide

Joseph Featherstone

Joseph realized how much he loved working with sign language and interpreting teachers and students when he was in high school, working with interpreters and teaching his friends signs. Ever since, he has been working to innovate and find different teaching methods for teachers everywhere. He also has been teaching sign language and interpreting for ten years. Joseph has taught at schools such as Brigham Young University, Salt Lake Community College and other private universities and organizations. He now works for a company called GoReact which focuses on helping students improve their work by video recording and feedback. Joseph is from Utah. He loves the outdoors and is a professional certified river rafting guide and snow ski instructor. He also has experience in backpacking in the Northwest, mainly in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah and has learned a lot about survival. He is also a certified Deaf interpreter (CDI) and has a masters in Interpreting Pedagogy.

Potential Itinerary

  • Meet at Doubletree Moab Moab, UT 84532 Thursday Aug. 1st Leaving at 8:00am
  • Friday August 2nd To be determined
  • Saturday August 3rd to be determined
  • Sunday August 4th return to Double Tree at about 4:00pm

Some of the workshops we are considering for this trip

We are looking at providing both online workshops before the trip and then some workshops while we are on the trip to provide you with maximum CEUs

Here are some ideas…
“Wilderness Survival, 2 hours” 
“Dutch Oven Cooking, 2 hours”
“Geography and rock formations, 2 hours” 
“River Maps and how to read maps, 2 hours” 
“American history around the camp fire, 2 hours” 
“ASL Storytelling; How to use spatial relations in stories, 2 hours” 
“Rockclimbing and how to interpret on the edge” 2 hours 
“Backbacking, the basics, 2 hours” 
“CEUs PS and GS whats the difference” 1 hour
“Interpreter Adventures” 2 hours
“Presenting Me” 2 hours
These are just some suggestions at this time as we get closer we will decide on what we will offer.  We are wanting to provide between 1.0 and 2.0 CEU’s
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