Carnival Cruise

4 Day Cruise Tampa to Cozumel
November 29 - December 3

Enjoy a 4 day cruise and earn up to 1.0 CEU’s and still have time for plenty of sun and fun.

We have a limited number of cabins reserved, so book early. 


Two sea days to earn CEU's and 1 Beach Day

We will have two days of workshops and 1 day to play in beautiful Cozumel Mexico. During the two sea days we will have workshops from 9am until 12:00. Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00, and class again from 1:00 until 3:00. The rest of the day you are free to enjoy all the excitement the ship has to offer.


Day 1 Thursday November 29th

 You can start boarding around 12:00pm     Meet and Greet at Leonardos Lounge as soon as the Muster Drill is finished . The rest of the night on your own

Day 2 Friday November 30th meeting at Leonardo Lounge Mid Ship Deck 9

9:00 am  – 12:00 Interpreting Cruise music

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Cruise Interpreting

The rest of the day you are on your own

Day 3 Saturday December 1st

Today we are docked in Cozumel you are on your own. Take an excursion have fun.

Day 4 Sunday December 2nd meeting at Leonardo Lounge Mid ship Deck 9

 9:00-12:00 Interpreters Adventures

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Presenting Me

The rest of the day you are on your own

Day 5 docked back in Tampa Monday December 3rd

We are now ready to start booking.  You can call and book yourself, we have 20 rooms saved

  • Carnival Cruise line
  • 1.800.764.7419 x 70005 Groups
  • Interpreters Retreat
  •  2RCQ01 Booking number

The workshop is paid separately.

  • $50.00 for students and non CEU’s
  • $100.00 for 1.0 CEU’s 
If you are a single traveler and would like to room with another interpreter let us know and we see if we can help.
  • Cancellation Guidelines from Carnival 
  • Oct. 1st 150.00/Person
  • Oct. 15th 50.0%/Person
  • Nov. 1st 75.0%/Person
  • Nov. 16th Full Penalty 


With CEUs
$ 100
  • 1.0 CEUs


Without CEUs
$ 50
  • No CEUs

Cruise Interpreting

November 29th - December 3
activity number is 0049.1218.01 PS 1.0 CEUs

"FRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education

This profesional studies PS program is offered for [1.0] CEU’s at some Content Knowledge Level.

Interpreters Retreat is providing this workshop as an opportunity for safe, respectful learning and will not permit harassment, discrimination or horizontal violence based on another’s comments, questions, schema, race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or any other protected class.  

If you need any special accommodations please contact us at 



* Participants will be able to articulate the responsibilities of a cruise interpreter before, during and after the cruise.
* Participants will learn hints tips and tricks about cruise interpreting.
* Participants will be able to gloss and interpret several cruise songs.
* Participants will demonstrate techniques for interpreting comedy.
* Participants will learn some out of the box ideas on ways to provide interpreting

Your Presenters

Gary and Tawnya Kelley

Gary and Tawnya Kelley

Gary and Tawnya are both nationally certified and have both been interpreting for many years. We have interpreted on over 30 cruises from the Bahamas, to the Caribbean, Cuba, and Dubai to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Singapore. BUDAPEST TO BUCHAREST down the Danube River going through Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and up to Dracula's Castle. Former presenters with Terp Expo. We own Angel Interpreting, Terptracker, Terptexter and Interpreters Retreat. We are the parents of 9 children 6 girls and 3 boys, but we are down to 4 teenage girls left at home.


Days until we leave!