Travel to China

Interpreting for Deaf travelers in China

This is our blog about our trip to China and getting the opportunity to interpret for 6 deaf travelers.

Travel from Orlando,Fl to Beijing,China April 27th 2019

We left Orlando, FL at about 7 am and flew to Seattle, Washington and waited until about 5 pm to start our flight to Beijing, China

Arriving in Beijing, China April 28th 2019

We arrived in Beijing, China around 8 pm on April 28th.  About a 12 hour flight from Seattle.  The flight was pretty good, watched a few movies and slept a little.  Once we arrived, I got my first experience of the Chinese bathrooms.  No seats just a hole in the floor?   We are so thankful for Robin and Peggy of Dtravel and Sonnie of China Heighlights for arranging for someone to pick us up.  As we exited we saw someone holding a sign up for Gary and Tawnya Kelley.  It was about an hour to the hotel.  Settled into the hotel and passed out.

Day 1 of the tour

My wife and I got up about 7 am and went down for breakfast.  Not your typical breakfast, the only thing I saw that I would classify as a western breakfast was toast and fried eggs.  Everything else was rice or vegetables and even the juice was a little different.  We decided to go out and travel around the hotel a little before the rest of the travelers arrived.  The area is very nice, peaceful and clean.  Soon we find out that we are only about 10 minute walk to the Forbidden City and the Jingshan Park that is located right across the street.  Its only $10 Yuan, that is about $1.50 in US.  The park was beautiful, the highlight was a beautiful building on top of the hill. From the top you could see over the walls into the Forbidden City.  Walking around it was decorated with lots of colorful flowers and Koi ponds.  We meet the rest of the group at 1:00, back at the hotel and then we take them back to the park.

Day 2 the Forbidden City

This morning we meet our tour guide “Cactus” the American name she gave herself.  We travel by van to the Forbidden City.  First we are dropped off at Tiananmen Square while walking we run into several deaf Chinese and try to have a conversation in ASL, but we are not in Kansas any more.  We do our best. the funniest thing we learned is that their sign for America, is our sign for crazy.  The Forbidden City.  Wow is it huge. We go through several court yards before we finally get to where the Emperor lived.  Being here if very humbling.  The different movies that I have seen when all of the soldiers are lined up in front of the Emperor, you can really feel the history of the palace.

Later we travel to Minas, A restaurant that is run by Deaf employees.  Great food

Day 3 Great Wall of China

Today we went to the Great Wall!!!  From point A to point B it is about 5000 miles long, but because in zig zags up and down the moutains, it totals about 12,000 miles.  Wide enough to drive a car on it.

Later we got to join a Tai Chi class and practice some moves.

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