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Interpreters’ Retreat is a women-owned business specializing in services for the interpreters and D/deaf community. We pride ourselves in extensive knowledge with the sign language interpreting community. Interpreters’ Retreat is a professional organization dedicated to laying the educational foundations for interpreters to build bridges of understanding.

Malia JohnsonMalia K. Johnson , B.S., DI – Throughout her life, Malia has worked hard to give Deaf people a voice. She is a passionate advocate for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. She strives to prove to the hearing world that Deaf people are nothing less than equal to hearing people. Being Deaf makes her more aware of the world around her. Malia strives to prove to the hearing world that you can work side by side with a Deaf person and not feel uncomfortable. She wants the world to understand that simply because a person communicates with their hands it does not make them any different from the many nationalities we have living in the United States. Malia currently owns and operates Deaf Talk, LLC, a Deaf-owned interpreting agency in Orlando, FL. In 2011, Malia decided to set up a higher level conference designed for interpreters to enhance their skills and Interpreters’ Retreat was born. She continues to pursue bridging the gap between the Deaf and Hearing worlds. Through her advocacy and interpreting agency Malia works with companies, schools, charitable organizations and individuals, where she enhances their knowledge of the Deaf Culture and working with interpreters. She thoroughly enjoys advocacy and teaching, and strives to demonstrate that the potential of Deaf people is equal to that of Hearing people and enhancing the skills of interpreters for the Deaf.

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